Listen to Duolingo’s spotify playlist of English conversations

Duolingo is an excellent and fun resource to practice your English in between classes with your teacher. It’s has always been an easy app that you can download on your phone to practice grammar whenever you have a few extra minutes, but, now, it has gotten even better!

They now have a playlist on Spotify with 10-25 minute English conversations on a variety of interesting topics. This is a great way for you to practice your listening as well as learn new vocabulary.

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Listening is an essential strategy in learning a language

Just like children learning to speak their native language, listening plays a critical role in your active and passive learning. Here are some tips to help you maximize your ability to use this strategy:

  • Choose a vocabulary and conversation topic that is relevant and interesting to you
  • Make sure you’re listening to conversations at or just above your level
  • Wrap your head around the context and purpose of the conversation before listening
  • Listen for key works and try to gain a general understanding
  • Listen for some specific phrases or conversation styles

Depending on the conversation, you may need to listen to it a few times. You can choose to listen some days when you’re busy and just pay atttention lightly, and other days when you’re sitting down with a pen and paper and listening attentively. No matter what, it will help you advance in your language journey!

We hope you like these duolingo conversations.


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