Part of learning English includes informing yourself about relevant, important social and cultural topics.

Voice of America’s Learning English is an excellent source for news on contemporary US and World related topics. It is geared specifically towards English language learners.

VOA’s Learning English helps you to absorb new vocabulary through context. 

Voice of America started broadcasting “Special English” on international shortwave back in 1959! Though the name has changed, it is still one of the best resources for interesting topics on US and World News, Health and Lifestyle, Technology, Arts and Culture.

It’s well organized and the content is just right to keep you engaged but not take up an unnecessary part of your time. 

Here are some ways to help you maximize your user experience on VOA. 

  • Identify your English language level as beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
  • Then go UP a level and check out that content first (i.e. if you have NO English background, check out beginner, if you’re a beginner check out Intermediate etc….)
  • Why? Because this is a great site with a lot of support built in the material to help challenge yourself without overwhelming yourself. 

Don’t forget to check out the section Talk2US, a free forum to join live and participate in conversation related to some topics that interest you! 

There’s something here for everyone!

Click here to start listening and reading about topics of interest to you.