We provide professional English language services so companies and their employees are free to reach their goals

We offer English language services to companies and people who know English opens doors to the global world.

We are inspired by people and companies who support the English language needs of their teams. It motivates us to help companies better attract, retain, and mobilize their team of English speakers.

Your Class

A personalized English learning experience

Your Team

English language support when your teams need it most

Your Development

The right English language content to positively impact your professional and personal life

Why people choose B2B English

Our English language services and classes center around confidence and accuracy in the scenarios that matter most.

Teachers and Interpreters By Profession

Our teachers and interpreters not only have the credentials, they have the necessary experience too. 

Real-Life Application

The skills and vocabulary to speak in the moments that matter the most.

B2B-Client Synergy

The right teacher for our student’s style, level, and industry.
The right interpreter for the project’s requirements.

Current Materials

Up-to-date, online resources aligned with the student’s job and industry.

Proven Progress

Bye bye quantitative standardized tests! Individual, qualitative tracking because each student is unique.

Continual Improvement

Consistent development and innovation to enhance the quality of our classes and live translations.

Energy & Passion

We love what we do and help others reach their potential through the wonderful gift of language.

Adapted to You

We adapt everything to our clients’ needs and our students’ ideal learning environment.

Our Services

B2B English Classes

Companies and employees need to be able to communicate and adapt in order to stay relevant. We develop English communicators fluent in real-world scenarios and vocabulary that helps them do their job with more confidence and opens up new professional opportunites.

  • 1:1 online classes 

B2B Live Translation

English is the language of business. Our HUMAN language experts assist in virtual trainings and business meetings where critical information needs to pass fluidly and accurately between English-speaking and Spanish-speaking teams.

  • 1:1 meetings
  • Team meetings and trainings

B2B Digital Courses

We are very familiar with the scenarios when our students need English most. With all of our teaching experience, we have heard many times, “Hey, teacher, can you help me with …. an interview, a presentation, an upcoming meeting.” These moments are the basis of our digital course creation. Helping students with the English they need when it matters most.


Take an individualized assessment

We'll do an online oral evaluation to define the sudent's needs, goals, and learning style

Utilize the right class materials

We'll assign a curriculum suited to the student's industry and job

Set measures of success

We'll listen to the student's initial goals and agree on an evaluation plan

Determine teacher - student fit

We will match the right teacher for the student's personality and learning style

Evaluate progress

We will show the results through a mid-course and end of course progress summary

B2B English has been of great help, and an excellent experience. I have improved my English. My teacher is excellent, she is a friendly teacher, who provides security and comfort to start conversation and development of activities. I feel very good and happy, with more desire to continue advancing, because I'm sure that English is a necessary and an indispensable tool in the life of a successful professional.

Liza RodriguezSales and Applications Engineer

Very good experience. I was looking for a flexible alternative to improve my spoken English. I found it at B2B ENGLISH, even now in virtual conversation. This is my third year in weekly classes. My teacher is very nice and professional. She adapts the issues to my interests and level, so the classes are amazing. She helps me to find the ideas and words, instead of translating. I feel more confident and fluent, and my relatives in the USA have recognized my progress too.

Mylene IribarnePeople Manager

My teacher, Paolo, is great. In every class he begins with a review of new vocabulary, phonetics and reinforce my mistakes. So it's been a great experience talking about innovation, news and other topics.

Guillermo FloresSenior Applications Engineer

I feel good about my English and I have achieved more confidence in my level of understanding and I’m now excited to participate in calls in English on my own. My teacher, Daniel, adapts to my speed of learning and I feel my progress in each class.

Gonzalo MarinIT Manager Latin America and Caribbean Territories

I had an awesome experience. I really liked the format of the classes and was able to improve my listening skills with a native teacher. I also really liked the articles and links they sent to compliment the class. My teacher, Adel, always had different web pages to show me and different materials to study. I am happy to have found B2B English. I liked how the classes were adapted to the needs of students and my studies were 100% personalized.

Consuleo GarridoAudio Tech

Diandra is a friendly teacher, she is very professional, nice, and patient. The best part is her flexible method to get the best out of me. I chose B2B English mainly because of my schedule because I need more attention in class. The most important thing, in a short time my English has improved a lot.

Remigio VitoresSales Manager

It has been an excellent experience. Within a few months I noticed a big difference in my understanding and speaking English. In my case, having private classes with native teachers has accelerated the learning process. Diandra and her teachers have a methodology that works, reinforcing concepts at the end of class, through audio and video materials. It is also a flexible service that allows students to review technical text or personal studies when you need help.

Rodrigo CorreaContent Manager

Megan is a great English teacher. Before starting the lessons with her I wasn't capable of speaking in English. In general I have worked on improving my skills to talk in English in the following scenarios: to have work meetings, to have English interviews and also to feel happy learning another language. I have seen a lot of improvement in myself and I'm sure that would be not possible without B2B English.

Dario MoralesProduct Manager, MolyCop

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