English is the business language and we help your employees communicate

English classes for businesses that need to build the language competencies of their workforce.

Our English classes for businesses help employees do their jobs better by enabling them to communicate effectively in meetings, seminars, and negotiations. Seeing them drive your business and feel just as confident in English as they are in their native language is what drives us to go above and beyond in the classroom, every day.

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We teach practical, relevant language skills in a fun and engaging way. Offering English classes helps you attract and retain the best talent.

Your Office (or Virtual)

We work with your schedule and hold our class in your office or online. Your employees will value the benefit of convenient and effective English classes.

Your English

We ensure your employees can communicate effectively - not just understand. Having an English speaking team helps you strengthen your competitive advantage.

We are committed to achieving results for your company and your people

“I feel good about my English and I have achieved more confidence in my level of understanding and I’m now excited to participate in calls in English on my own.”

Gonzalo MarinIT Manager Latin America and Caribbean Territories
How we work

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1:1 Classes Online

Prepare them for business meetings and presentations so that they’re as confident in English as they are in Spanish.

Saturday Conversations

A fun and casual environment to put your English in practice.

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Our Results-Driven Process

Our business has grown due to direct, personal referrals from actual clients. Our students are happy with the experience they have received and trust in us to replicate this standard with others.


Individualized Assessment

Online oral evaluation to define needs, goals, and style

Teacher - Student Fit

The right teacher for your employee's personality and learning style

The Right Materials

Curriculum suited to your industry and job

Measures of Success

Initial goals and evaluation plan


Mid-course and end-of-course progress summary

“It has been an excellent experience, within a few months I noticed a big difference in my understanding and speaking English. In my case, having private classes with native teachers has accelerated the learning process. Additionally Diandra and her teachers have a methodology that works, reinforcing concepts at the end of class, through audio and video materials. It is also a flexible service that allows students to review technical text or personal studies when you need help.”

Rodrigo CorreaContent Manager

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