Global Business Speaks English.
Your Virtual Trainings & Business Meetings Should Too.

We ensure accurate, effective, and professional communication for your company and your people.

B2B English partners with companies to support live virtual business meetings that require the precision and localization needs only human interpreters can bring.


From Products & Services Training to Quality and Safety Training, we will make sure that communication is never an obstacle from implementation to execution to troubleshooting to successful results.

Business Meetings
Between Teams

From weekly, monthly or annual reporting to follow-up meetings on key business matters, we will be on every call to ensure that all team members feel supported to communicate effectively and accurately in English or in Spanish.

Business Meetings
Between Individuals

For specific reporting purposes between individual employees, we will join every call to make sure that these key employees feel supported to share & discuss important data and metrics in English or in Spanish.

Our HUMAN language experts assist in virtual trainings and business meetings where critical information needs to pass fluidly and accurately between English-speaking and Spanish-speaking teams.

We will be there every step of the way to ensure fluid and nuanced two-way communication between English-Spanish and Spanish-English.

Most of our clients seek interpretation services for training purposes. In this context, it is essential that employees absorb the information being shared, so that they can ask questions and go deeper while the trainer is on-site. Without expert interpretation, employees may ‘believe’ they understood the jist of the conversation, but then find themselves with doubts or incomplete understanding when trying to implement.

Our interpreters are experts in conveying meaning in an efficient and professional manner. We make sure our clients and their employees get the greatest return on their investment, by not wasting resources on training that doesn’t acheive it’s desired impact.

We are committed to ensuring accurate, effective, and professional communication for your company and your people.

Don't leave a meeting misunderstood.